Lauren Davis graduated from the University of Alabama with her B.S in Human Performance and Exercise Physiology. She then received her HFS certification through ACSM as well as her CPT personal training certification followed by attending Birmingham School of Massage to become a Licensed Massage Therapist and Neuro-muscular Therapist. She has also completed over 500 hours  of training in Pilates and  is an Amino NeuroFrequency Practitioner and Active Isolated Stretching Practitioner.

In the Massage industry Lauren specializes in chronic pain and sports massage for athletes. She uses Neuromuscular Therapy, Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy, Manual Ligament Therapy, Kinesio Taping, Deep Tissue, AIS Stretching and Cupping Therapy to help her clients rid themselves of and prevent the occurrence of acute and chronic pain. These techniques are especially useful for the athletes of all ages and professional levels as recovery for pre/post season and most importantly during season. Lauren works with Alabama Track & Field and Alabama Swimming and Diving and UAB Football as their sports massage therapist as well as other individual professional athletes. 


Lauren has also been in the Health and Fitness Industry since 2010 as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She has worked with athletes, kids and adults of all ages and all activity levels having taught boot camps, strength and conditioning programs and kickboxing. Her specialty however is in pilates for special populations and sports performance. 

Lauren Davis offers one on one training as well as group fitness training for the following:  Weight loss | Interval Training | Speed & Agility | General Fitness | Kickboxing | Tone & Sculpting | Strength Training | Cardiovascular Endurance Training | Pilates Classes